IT books that stand the test of time

Recently I was trying to sort out what IT books I want to keep and which ones are ready to be thrown out. My main focus is on software development. So there is a wast collection of books on Java, C#, Perl, Objective C and many more or less obscure programming language. The occasional certification cram book, books on IDE’s, project management, etc… Of course I found that the majority of these books do not age well! Pascal on Mac OS (pardon me System) 7, CGI programming in Perl, Java 1.0 in a Nutshell and many more books really are mor of a historic interest instead of being picked up and read on a regular basis.

However a few of my books really stood the test of time. They influenced me, are a good read and truly worth recommending to anyone interest in IT

  • The Pragmatic Progammer

    (Andrew Hunt, David Thomas) 0-201-61622-X

  • Design Patterns

    (Gamma, Helm, Johnson, Vlissides) 0-201-63361-2

  • The Mythical Man Month

    (Frederick P. Brooks) 0-201-83595-9

  • Goedel, Escher, Bach

    (Douglas R. Hofstadter) 0-465-02656-7

  • Death March Project

    (Edward Yourdon) 0-13-143635-X

  • Software Craftsmanship: The New Imperative

    (Pete McBreen) 0-20-173386-2

Post a comment if you have any books that you find worth being added to this!

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